Real Money Auctionhouse 101

Before anything else, I want to make sure you know that you’ll still need your day job. People WILL spend real money on items and gold, but what they’re really buying is time. Assume you were going to pay someone an hourly wage to farm on your character for you, how much would you pay them. Take that number and cut it in half, and that’s what you can expect to make per hour of effort in Diablo 3. When it comes to the RMAH, there’s really only going to be 4 things people will spend money on (directly and indirectly).

The first and most likely to have a decent market is characters (Note: at the time of writing this, Blizzard has confirmed they would like this feature, but it is not finalized yet). Buying a level 60 character will save a player a lot of time, so it will be worth real money to them. If you have high quality gear for all levels, you may be able to level up characters much more quickly than a fresh player, which will be something to take advantage of when selling characters.

Gold is the next big thing that will sell for real money. Gold in Diablo 3 will always be needed by players, and will always be available while playing. The trick to effectively farming gold will be to stick to content that is a few levels lower than you such that you can plow through enemies more easily and collect the rewards. Gold is needed for repairs, upgrading your artisans and for buying items not listed for real money. There very well may come a time when even you would rather spend a buck or two on gold rather than farm it yourself. Also remember that since you can sell gold, it may be most profitable to sell other items for gold, and then gold for real money. This is important to keep in mind for the next two cash cows.

Crafting materials are acquired by salvaging magic items and are required to craft items at your Blacksmith. When you craft an item, it typically comes out with random stats. If someone is trying to roll the dice and get the perfect stat modifiers on their item, they might go through hundreds of materials. Odds are that people are not going to gamble their real money in this fashion. However, selling these salvaged materials for gold and then selling the gold for real money will result in profit for you. Again, the fastest way to stock up on items for salvaging will be to take on content a few levels lower than you such that you can breeze through it and collect more drops.

The final and most obvious thing to sell is Rare (and better) items. In most cases, you’ll want to sell these for gold. However, if an item is really desirable and well known (such as a Stone of Jordan in Diablo 2) then people will directly spend real money on it. You’ll probably have to do some research on the Legendary or Set items you find to determine if people want them badly enough to pay real money for them. As for magic items, it’s safe to assume that nobody will buy it and you should salvage it and sell the materials.

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Engage in Scratch-Off Games For Real Money

First time gamblers are skeptical about winning in any kind of gambling game. Like how they doubt casino roulettes and lotteries while continuously looking for any device that may tamper the results of gambling games, the scratchers game is not spared. Scratch-off games for real money may seem to offer one-in-a-million chance of winning. From the question of whether the scratch cards really have any real prize beneath the silver overlay to the number of wining cards over the number of cards produced, skeptics will not stop in questioning these games of chance.

But it has been proven, time and again, that the scratchers game is a valid form of gambling. Many people have previously won in these games. From $500 to $250,000, various individuals have been winners in this game. These people are living testaments that buying scratch-off games for real money is indeed true.

Suppose people already believed that there’s money in this kind of gambling, is there anything that they can do to increase the odds of winning in this gamble? Like other games of chance, there probably is no ultimate cheat code for winning the scratchers game. It is dependent on half chance, half common sense.

Why common sense? Well, simply because if the consumer already won a prize from one scratch card he bought at the convenience store, chances are, the other cards with prizes on them were distributed to other parts of the country so that the winning cards are not concentrated to just one particular place-or one particular convenience store.

The best advice that can be given to people, both those who are starting with the scratch card game and those who are already addicted to it, is that they must be able to control their behavior towards the gambling game. Gambling only becomes destructive once it becomes a habit. Although “professional” gamblers exist, not all people have such excellent cunning coupled with overflowing luck. Trust your gut feel. If you think you are better off doing recreational gambling once in a while, then that is better.

But if a person should feel that it is already necessary for them to set aside a portion of their paycheck so they can join scratch-off games for real money, then it’s suggested that the person should reassess the importance of gambling in his/her life. You might be having a difficult time in life which compels you to engage in these “instant cash” ventures. Or maybe the expenses exceed the amount of money you earn each month. Whatever your reason is, the scratchers game must not become embedded into your psyche as a habitual activity.

The odds of winning or losing are just as high as that of other forms of gambling. Some people have been joining the lottery for years-even decade, and still have not won anything but tons of lottery tickets that they take home after the results were announced. And some people have been experiencing the same thing with scratch cards. But that’s how the game of chance goes-luck is essential. It just strikes at the time you least expect it.

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